"The art of teaching is for the teacher to teach the student without the student knowing he or she is being taught." --Foxye

We empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to create the changes they desire. 
Purpose Jewelry: Created using crystals and semi-precious stones with the intent of raising the wearer's vibrations to aid in healing. All jewelry is infused with the positive, healing energy of Reiki and make great gifts. Custom orders may be placed by email; please include the type of stone or crystal you desire and/or the condition you would like to improve. For more examples of our creations, please visit Purpose Jewelry's ​Facebook page.

Deposits required on all custom orders​​

Price depends on stone and piece created

  1. Malachite
    Heart Chakra Healing
  2. Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz
    Unconditional Love
  3. Request
    Gentle Energy Healing
  4. Howlite
    Stress Relief
  5. Malachite
    Business Protection, Heart Healing
  6. Tiger's eye
    Tiger's eye
    Grounding, Solar Plexus Healing
  7. Amethyst
    Calm, Peace, Anger Mgmt
  8. Clear Quartz
    Clear Quartz
    Clarity, Harmony, Energy