"The art of teaching is for the teacher to teach the student without the student knowing he or she is being taught." --Foxye

We empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to create the changes they desire. 
About us

"Life is the greatest teacher"

Some life experiences are obviously positive and others require some contemplation.  Marcus and Foxye empower individuals with knowledge, tools, and activities that enable them to perceive the positive lesson to learn in any situation. They teach classes on meditaion, how to transition to spirituality, crystal therapy and healing uses, nutrition, and metaphysics. They help individuals in weight loss, smoking cessation, breaking habits, "finding themselves," learning how to eat healthier, and in releasing emotional baggage.  Foxye does intuitive readings which help indiviudals understand the healing that needs to take place in this lifetime.
They are very passionate about Relationship Coaching because they believe that love shapes the face of humanity. Helping people learn how to stay in love requires creativity and innovation.  One thing you will find with Marcus and Foxye that is often unavailable with traditional marital counseling is balance.  A coaching session with Marcus and Foxye involves both the male and female perspective which prevents feelings of being "outnumbered."  They bring to the session the wisdom that over 25 years of combined marriage experience affords.  They have experience with being single, married, divorced, with children, stepchildren, adultery, blended families, and the stories are endless.